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Two papers at GI INFORMATIK 2010

Two NBI papers have been accepted for the GI INFORMATIK 2010 conference. They are:

Robert Tolksdorf. “Towards Quality Measures for Web Network Extraction” at the Web Science Workshop.

Within the Web information networks of various kinds are of interest for specific applications. These networks evolve in a decentralised manner. As such, they represent alternatives to centralised information sources such as databases.

While crawlers can try to extract these networks from the Web, there is currently no systematic work on how to measure the quality of this extraction. Quality measures are of central importance to justify efforts and investments in Web network mining as an alternative to licence models of centralised information sources.

In this paper we present a use case of such an interesting information network, that of the art market. We then present a simple model of a quantifiable quality measure of network extracted from the Web.

Markus Luczak-Rösch, Gökhan Coskun, Adrian Paschke, Mario Rothe, Robert Tolksdorf. „SVoNt – Version Control of OWL Ontologies on the Concept Level“ at the Applications of Semantic Technologies – AST2010 Workshop.

Like in Software Engineering the development of ontologies in a team requires efficient support for the management of ontology versions. In this paper we introduce an SVN-based approach for versioning of W3C OWL ontologies called SVoNt – a subversion system for ontologies. Our major goal was to enable views on the revision history of an ontology on the concept level in the same fashion as it is known from the classical SVN approach for the document level.

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